Samaritan Healthcare is a multifaceted healthcare organization located in Moses Lake, Washington. Organized as Grant County Public Hospital District No. 1 in 1947, Samaritan is committed to improving the health and well-being of the people of the Columbia Basin.

Project Overview

Develop and produce a video that could be used to connect with the community as well as attract future physicians. Their target audience is residence of Grant County and skilled physicians from outside the area, who are often married with children, that would be an asset to Samaritan Healthcare’s staff.

Project Deliverables

To attain Samaritan Healthcare’s goals, we incorporated the natural beauty of Grant County, the plentiful activities offered near Moses Lake, upscale housing developments with lake views, established Samaritan’s commitment to the community through a gentle and comforting narrative and showcased their medical facilities. This video will be used on client’s website, as a recruiting tool for physicians at Healthcare trade shows and via direct communication, on social media and in internet advertising spaces.